MyCure Wellness Programme has been designed with your requirements in mind. The preventive health check-up packages have been prepared to suit the needs of a wide cross-section of people across all age groups. The focus is on pinpointing potentional areas of risk, in order to prevent future health problems.

We offer you a wide range of screening programmes to suit individual needs. This guide will help you choose the package most suited to you and also prepare you for the check-up. We have a Health Check-up cell to answer your queries and dedicated escorts who will take you through your tests and make you feel comfortable.

Choose the your health checkup:

Scheduling Appointments:

  • To avoid inconvenience, please take appointment with Health Check-up coordinator (Cell: 9652669351).
  • 12-hours fasting is required for all health check-ups. Water can be consumed, but please do not take any hot or cold beverage.
  • The approximate time required for completing a health check-up is 6 -7 hours.
  • In case you want to cancel or postpone the scheduled check-up, please do let us know a day in advance. This will help us make alternative arrangements as per your convenience.

Special Precautions:

  • Let us know in advance if you are a diabetic/cardiac patient.
  • Kindly carry your previous prescriptions and medications (if you are taking any)
  • If you are a diabetic on medication, please take it as per your normal schedule.
  • If you are a hypertensive on medication, please consult the Health Check-up Coordinator when you call for appointment.
  • If you use contact lenses, please do not wear them on the day of health check-up
  • Men will be required to shave their chest for treadmill (Stress) Test.
  • X-ray to be avoided by pregnant ladies.

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